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Nov 18, 2023

Tony Manolatos and Juan Hernandez, the hosts of Dear San Diego, recently invited me to be a guest on their show. I had a lot of fun talking about my career, cooking, painting, and Michigan summers. I am releasing my interview with Tony and Juan here on Flack Talk in case you want to learn some things about me you didn't know.  Below is the Dear San Diego description from when my episode dropped. I hope you enjoy! 

James Canning
Unveiling the Power of Crisis Communication: A Lesson from Detroit to San Diego

Did you know that a regular guy from Detroit could end up in the heart of crisis communications, managing scandals for renowned leaders? I'd like you to meet James Canning, a man who has weathered countless storms in the world of PR and has some intriguing insights to share. My first encounter with James was a testament to the serendipity of life. I was in Detroit, exploring the nuances of public relations when a friend mentioned James and his astonishing journey. The idea of a regular guy navigating the intricate maze of crisis communication intrigued me, and I knew I had to meet him. As I sat down with James, what struck me most was his resilience. Through multiple challenges, from dealing with a scandal involving the Detroit mayor to managing a crisis for a renowned county leader in San Diego, he remained unflinching. His tales of standing up for leaders he believed in and taking bullets when necessary, left me in awe. The lighter side of his life, filled with personal anecdotes on cooking and sports, added a dimension of relatability to his persona. This is why you should tune in to this week's episode of Dear San Diego. You'll get to hear James's riveting journey, learn about the power of crisis communication, and its influential role on personal and professional life. Moreover, you'll uncover the value of building tangible relationships with journalists and their unique takes on life. Ready to dive into the world of PR and crisis communication with James? Here’s where you can listen. If you've been seeking insights and strategies to navigate crisis communications or just want to hear an engaging conversation, this episode is for you. 

Stay tuned, Tony and Juan