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Sep 13, 2023

Deborah Brennan, a former County government reporter, at the time of recording had taken a buy-out from the San Diego Union-Tribune, after the paper was purchased by a news conglomerate.

Her love of writing at an early age, and the formative writing done at her high school newspaper, along with an uncle who was a columnist propelled Deborah into journalism after graduating from U.C. Berkeley. 

Now a veteran reporter that has worked for the LA Times, LA Daily News, the Desert Sun and the San Diego Union Tribune, Deborah has covered the bread and butter of journalism – local government – for many years, but she has a passion for the environment and  takes great pride in her reporting on climate change, air quality, water quality, green sea turtles kelp beds and salt flats.  

In this episode, we get into her work covering the Los Angeles Police Department after Rodney King was beaten by officers and the first Black Police Chief in LA took over. We also discuss her favorite places in San Diego to enjoy the outdoors; hear about her love of reading fantasy and historical fiction, and the short story she wrote that will soon be published in an anthology.

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