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Sep 13, 2023

Ashlyn Lipori-Russie, a former content manager for San Diego-based Inewsource, at the time of recording had been laid-off after the non-profit news company she worked for reduced staffing. She says the job at Inewsource was her “dream job” that fell from the sky because it melded her passion for digital content marketing and journalism; and the lay-off blindsided her. 

She is a “California kid” who thought she wanted to be involved in politics, and even participated in her City Council’s youth commission, and then in college decided satirical political writing was her thing – then she found investigative journalism.   

In this episode, Ashlyn discusses working on an award winning investigative journalism team in the Bay Area – a #6 news market – and then doing the graveyard shift at local San Diego TV news stations before deciding to step away from the biz to learn the digital marketing business, and eventually joining Inewsource. We also discussed her personal writing, and a side project with friends on TikTok called Nashville News.   

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