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Sep 13, 2023

Bill Shea, a former national sports business reporter for The Athletic, at the time of recording had been laid-off after the news company downsized.

A Cleveland, Ohio native, Bill has worn many hats in the newsroom, but writing about the contracts, financial policies, stadium and arena developments, social justice issues and politics of sports consumed his most recent tenures at The Athletic and Crain’s Detroit Business.    

Bill is a throwback journalist who appreciates Hunter S. Thompson’s participatory Gonzo Journalism and when newspaper reporters were synonomous with smoking cigarettes, swigging whisky, pounding typewriter keys and yelling ‘stop the presses'  – which Bill got to do once.

In this episode, Bill shares what it was like interviewing NBA World Champion Lebron James, former President Donald J. Trump and funnyman Larry David. He also talks about being a Cleveland Browns fan living in Detroit; his affinity for the journalistic paradise known as Key West; and why dipshit is his favorite swear word.

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